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Arizona and Wisconsin Legal Malpractice Attorney

Malpractice isn’t limited to physicians. If you suffer financially due to attorney negligence, you are entitled to be compensated. You have a right to competent representation by a lawyer, and if he or she made a mistake or otherwise failed to perform in such a way that you were harmed, you may have a lawsuit. Poor legal strategy is not a cause of action. You must prove that your damages were the result of errors no reasonable attorney would make.

dictionary page attorney definitionLegal malpractice can occur in any area of law, typically falling into three categories: negligence, fiduciary duty, or breach of contract. Negligence could be missing a deadline to file an action, insufficient discovery, failing to call witnesses, or simply an error in drafting a document. Fiduciary duty is the expectation that your attorney will always put your interests first regarding your case. Was there a conflict of interest that affected the representation you received? Did you approve any settlement before it was accepted? If your attorney fails to perform any of the terms in your contract and you suffer damages due to that breach, that could be grounds for a lawsuit. If your attorney purposely tells an untruth and you are injured, you can sue. If funds that are legally yours are converted to use by an attorney, that constitutes theft.  Legal malpractice takes many forms.

If you think you have been damaged by negligence, incompetence or a willful act by an attorney representing you, call Cabaniss Law. There is no charge for the initial consultation, and any fees are contingent upon your receiving compensation.

Cabaniss Law has recovered millions of dollars for clients harmed by their attorneys. Significantly, Cabaniss Law obtained a jury verdict against Attorney Gerald Boyle for failure to return a client’s cost advance. Cabaniss Law has also achieved settlements of $625,000 against Gerald Boyle and $1,050,000 against a high-profile Alabama trial lawyer for violating a Tennessee statute of repose.