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Wisconsin Securities Fraud Lawyer

desk with papersSecurities and investment fraud continues to be front-page news, as more and more innocent people fall victim to greedy brokers, financial advisors, sales agents and large corporations.  For most people, their financial investments represent not only money they’ve salted away from their past earnings, but the security they count on in their future years.   Misplaced trust can result in financial ruin.  Of course, a losing investment doesn’t necessarily signify  securities fraud.  You must prove that your lose resulted from the improper, unethical, or dishonest behavior of the person or company investing your money.

These are just some of the actionable forms of Securities and investment fraud:

  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty –  The investment professionals you trust with your money must act in good faith, with your interests their first priority. They are required to invest your money based on your financial situation, goals, income, tax needs, risk tolerance, and other existing investment portfolio – and even prior investment experience.
  • Churning – Brokers earn money by trading.  If that’s the reason they’re making trades on your behalf, they may be trading excessively, or ‘churning.”
  • Unauthorized Trading – Making trades without your knowledge or permission.
  • Unsuitability –Investment decisions must be suited to your stated financial situation, objectives and risk preferences.
  • Misrepresentations and Omissions – A misrepresentation occurs when a fraudulent statement is made to persuade a client to pursue a particular course with their investments.  If a broker or financial advisor fails to disclose pertinent information regarding an investment and that omission causes you financial harm, it may be actionable.
  • Annuities Fraud – Seniors are often sold variable annuities as part of their retirement plan.  These are often high-commission sales and include added fees and charges that boosts the profit to the bank, insurance company, or individual investment advisor, making them fertile ground for investment fraud.

    If you have reason to believe your broker or financial advisor has engaged in questionable activity, contact Cabaniss Law.  We are experienced in ferreting out securities fraud. If unethical, improper or illegal behavior resulted in financial losses to you, you may be able to recover those losses.

    Cabaniss Law has successfully concluded lawsuits and arbitrations for victims of securities fraud, including victims of a private placement sale by J.E. Liss & Co. of a leasing company that went bankrupt.  As part of its sales promotion, J.E. Liss erroneously represented that the purchase of the leasing company was a guaranteed investment.  Forty-five lawsuits were prosecuted and successfully resolved with confidential settlements.